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Types and Ways of Betting Cockfighting 

Types and Ways of Betting Cockfighting 

Types and Ways of Betting Cockfighting – The cockfighting gambling game is certainly one of the gambling games that is quite easy to play and is in great demand.

Who doesn’t know cockfighting gambling? Surely all of you already know about one of these types of gambling, but we think there are still many of you who don’t really understand how to play cockfighting gambling.

When you want to know how to play cockfighting gambling, you must first understand the types of bets that exist. Below are the types of bets that are clear and complete.

1. Meron Chicken

This bet you place the chicken in the red column, it’s easy if the red chicken wins the match then you are considered to have won. For example, in the image above there is a red chicken odds of 0.84, if you install 100 thousand, your winnings are calculated using the cockfighting gambling formula as 84,000.

2. Chicken Wala

The same as the meron hen but this is against his opponent, as the blue hen. As we can see the picture above the keinya -0.98. If you install a blue chicken then win with a nominal installation of 100 thousand, then your winnings are 100,000 too. But if you lose you have to pay 98,000.

3. Both Death Draw

This bet is if both chickens die before 10 minutes of the match, if you place on the meron or the funds will be returned. However, if you install DRAW, it will harvest the victory, because the calculation of the formula for cockfighting is 1: 8. For example, the image above with odds 8 and you install 100 thousand, then 1: 8 = 800 thousand of your winnings.

4. Full Time Draw

This bet can be interpreted that in 10 minutes of the match no one dies, BDD, Meron, and Wala bets will be declared defeated. If you place a bet on FTD with the odds in the image above of 55 with a nominal value of 100 thousand, if you win you get 5,500,000. If you lose then the loss is only 100 thousand.

Easy Ways to Win in Betting This Gambling Game

If you already understand how to play cockfighting gambling above, then we will provide some steps that might be useful for all of you regarding how to play cockfighting online to win.

1. Choosing the Type of Betting Chicken

When 2 chicken camps are pitted, then you will attach to a certain chicken right? There are several factors that can be used to choose quality chickens including:

Look for betting chickens with a lot of match history, that way the chickens will have high flight hours or have more experience.
The posture of the chicken is large and upright, if the chicken has a good posture then the defense will be good and the attack will be deadly for other chickens
Chickens with wide wingspan usually have a very strong mentality, these chickens will fight like crazy until they run out.

2. Selection of Cockfighting Gambling Sites

When you want to play cockfighting gambling, look for a trusted online gambling site, that way all your data will be safe and how to deposit and withdraw will be easy to do without any errors. How to play cockfighting gambling is arguably very influential for all of you.

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3. Good Internet Connection

When you place a bet in cockfighting, of course you want to watch the match right? Therefore, you must have a good internet connection so you can freely watch these matches without any lag. Because the lag in the video can interfere with your concentration in seeing the chickens compete.

4. Keep Calm

When the match is in progress, don’t let you be affected by emotion alone, because it can interfere with your concentration in seeing the match clearly and calmly. It’s best to avoid alcoholic drinks when placing in cockfighting gambling, it’s different if you place bets in calm conditions and a cold head. You will be able to think clearly which bet you have to play.

5. Budget

when you place a bet in the cockfighting gambling, make sure you have a budget that fits your ability. Don’t lose big if you lose the bet. Allow it to go through the previous few matches to analyze how to play the competing chicken, if you feel steady then please place the bet.…